Joe Collins – NBC Sports Chicago Managing Editor

Please accept this note as a complete recommendation and promotion of a very fine multi-platform journalism candidate, Vince Lovergine. He has demonstrated and polished his skills in the broadcast, video and online (digital) publishing space very well over the last couple years. I have had the chance to observe this personally.

I met Vince a few years ago at Eastern Illinois University’s broadcast job fair in Charleston, IL. We talked about what he has accomplished at WEIU-TV and I gave him advice on a preferred career path. I told him to make sure his resume was as full (and as diversified) as it could be—and Vince has followed that to the letter. Not only is he a self-starter in the TV and sports broadcasting space, but he has transitioned very well to the digital/multi-platform space as well. He was one of, if not ‘the’ most proactive interns we have had here at NBC Sports Chicago in quite some time. He was always giving me ideas as to what stories he could write to, not only polish his writing skills, but to super-serve our Chicago sports audience. Some of his stories landed in our ‘Top 10 most viewed stories of the week.” He was the model employee—always looking to better his craft, but also always looking to make the team grow vertically.

Please feel free to contact me about Vince’s abilities. I have full confidence that he can accomplish virtually any task in the TV/multi-platform journalism space. Any company/corporation would be happy to have Vince on their team.


Joe Collins
NBC Sports Chicago Managing Editor
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312-222-6080 (assignment desk)
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Dr. Sally Renaud Ph.D. – Department of Journalism Professor and Chair

Eastern is blessed to have some amazing broadcast students. And what fun to watch one from the very beginning of his career dive into his new craft with gusto and enthusiasm. That is just what Vince Lovergine has done. From the moment I met him when he was a high school senior, l saw immediately that he wanted everything student media at Eastern could teach him. And he has not proved me wrong. He joined the News Watch team right away, he has had a sports talk show on The Odyssey his freshman year, he writes for The Daily Eastern News, and he has worked for the OVC Digital Network as well in many capacities, including play-by-play. Last year he was chosen by his Society for Collegiate Journalists peers as Outstanding Freshman, an honor reserved for the best of the best.

Vince’s work this year speaks for itself. I have mentioned all his work, but it goes beyond the job description. Vince is present. He is exactly the kind of student who wants to learn as much as he can, he wants to learn the etiquette of broadcasting and the art of being part of the team. l have watched him begin to look the part, to act the part, to practice his craft, and now to anchor. And what a pleasure. I can’t wait to see what the next years bring in terms of his career.

Kelly Goodwin – News Director WEIU-T.V. (PBS)

Vince joined the WEIU News Watch team as a volunteer in the fall 2016.  I actually met Vince on his journey to select a college to attend, and he was extremely motivated to study at Eastern Illinois University!

Not long after moving to Charleston, Illinois to begin his college career, Vince started volunteering at WEIU-T.V. Serving on the production staff is a duty all News Watch team members are required to perform. Vince has executed a variety of production positions including video switcher, video editor, studio camera operator, floor manager, and audio technician.  As a video switcher, Vince is responsible for executing the most difficult piece of machinery in the production department. He works alongside the director placing camera shots, video and graphics on-air.  Mr. Lovergine has also excelled in producing and anchoring our sports segment, a position that requires intense writing and performance.

Vince is a hard-working and enthusiastic employee who also assists in training other news volunteers. He works diligently at understanding the concept of each individual position he’s tasked to accomplish. In his quest to master the positions of producer and anchor, he spent many hours training with other seasoned News Watch veterans to learn structure and techniques. He continues to work and perfect his craft.

Cameron D Craig, Professor Laureate (2010-2011), Instructor, Geographer

Mr. Lovergine has worked with me over the past year at WEIU as a sports reporter/anchor at WEIUs EMMY award winning news program, “NewsWatch.” I have also known him as a student enrolled in my Weather & Climate course.

Over the past year, Mr. Lovergine has shown great improvement in his communication skills as a reporter and, just recently, as a sports anchor. His personal motivation and desire to learn more about the field has been most evident in his daily work at WEIU. Mr. Lovergine also has a unique initiative. He always volunteers his time at NewsWatch because he desires to take in all that he can.  He is definitely a caring person always willing to help students when they need it.