Dr. Sally Renaud, Ph.D. – Department of Journalism Professor and Chair

Eastern is blessed to have some amazing broadcast students. And what fun to watch one from the very beginning of his career dive into his new craft with gusto and enthusiasm. That is just what Vince Lovergine has done. From the moment I met him when he was a high school senior, l saw immediately that he wanted everything student media at Eastern could teach him. And he has not proved me wrong. He joined the News Watch team right away, he has had a sports talk show on The Odyssey his freshman year, he writes for The Daily Eastern News, and he has worked for the OVC Digital Network as well in many capacities, including play-by-play. Last year he was chosen by his Society for Collegiate Journalists peers as Outstanding Freshman, an honor reserved for the best of the best. l heartily recommend Vince for a broadcast scholarship, an award that recognizes excellence  in the field.

Vince’s work this year speaks for itself. I have mentioned all his work, but it goes beyond the job description. Vince is present. He is exactly the kind of student who wants to learn as much as he can, he wants to learn the etiquette of broadcasting and the art of being part of the team. l have watched him begin to look the part, to act the part, to practice his craft, and now to anchor. And what a pleasure. I can’t wait to see what the next years bring in terms of his career.