Kelly Goodwin – News Director WEIU-T.V. (PBS)

Vince joined the WEIU News Watch team as a volunteer in the fall 2016.  I actually met Vince on his journey to select a college to attend, and he was extremely motivated to study at Eastern Illinois University!

Not long after moving to Charleston, Illinois to begin his college career, Vince started volunteering at WEIU-T.V. Serving on the production staff is a duty all News Watch team members are required to perform. Vince has executed a variety of production positions including video switcher, video editor, studio camera operator, floor manager, and audio technician.  As a video switcher, Vince is responsible for executing the most difficult piece of machinery in the production department. He works alongside the director placing camera shots, video and graphics on-air. Mr. Lovergine has also excelled in producing and anchoring our sports segment, a position that requires intense writing and performance.

Vince is a hard-working and enthusiastic employee who also assists in training other news volunteers. He works diligently at understanding the concept of each individual position he’s tasked to accomplish. In his quest to master the positions of producer and anchor, he spent many hours training with other seasoned News Watch veterans to learn structure and techniques. He continues to work and perfect his craft.